Mother's Day

We've hidden 6 Painted Wild & Heart Rocks along Cleveland Ave. Read the riddles below to help you find a painted rock! Once you have found a rock, return to Wild and Heart to choose your prize!


#1 Make sure your mom has the best day ever!

#2 Have the MOST amount of fun you can!

#3 Only 1 Rock Per Person!

All prized cannot be returned or exchanged!


Riddle #1 (FOUND)

I have a bark but I'm not a dog, I stand tall but I'm not a skyscraper. Near a place where you can dine in the morning.

Where am I?

Riddle #2 (FOUND)

I am a shell but don’t live on a beach, but a place to gather to hear a speech.

Where am I?

Riddle #3 (FOUND)

I stand so straight and tall, Proudly reaching for the sky. I hold up a symbol for all, Waving it, as time goes by.

Where am I?

Riddle #4

In front of the place with drills and smiles, I sit, a garden in concrete piles. Filled with colours, scents and bloom.

Where am I?

Riddle #5 (FOUND)

On this corner, colors abound, As you look up, beauty is found.

Where am I?

Riddle #6 (FOUND)

A place to sit, to rest and wait, As time ticks on, never late.

Where am I?

The Rocks Your Looking For!